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English Piano Tossing Trip


The seven sections below are not yet indexed.  I plan to add explanations in the next few days.  It will be pretty boring if you have a low speed connection - you might want to wait and visit again later.

Arrival in Moscow and Trip to Murmansk

Visit to Village of Lovozero

Excursions in Murmansk

Helicopter tour of Murmansk

The Geographic North Pole, and nearby Ice Airport


Visit to Notoway Plantation in Louisiana

New Orleans to Chicago on the American Orient Express

 1998 Insipider

Skydiving Adventure on February 7th at Cross Keys, NJ


Sun-N-Fun '98 Pictures Page 1
Sun-N-Fun '98 Pictures Page 2

Pictures of my BRS (Ballistic Recovery System)
Pictures in the uutwp Directory

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